Tough Mudder SoCal 2012 announced!

tough mudder

Tough Mudder SoCal 2012 has been announced!


The event has been moved from Snow Valley (near Big Bear, CA) at 7500 ft starting altitude to Vail Lake, near Temecula, CA, at 1500 ft starting altitude.  What a huge difference!  The altitude was a major factor for all mudders at SoCal 2011, with the second day reporting temperatures of 10 degrees above zero at the summit.


The Vail Lake course is approximately 11 miles, reaching a peak of about 2600 feet along the northern side of the lake.  It looks pretty desolate.  The event is in February so its going to be another cold run.

There are two secret obstacles for 2012.  As well, it appears they’ve added a new one called “Blood Bath” that they describe as, “it’ll be like tie-dying your shirt at summer camp, except that it’s your body and it’s the summer camp from hell.”  It looks like there will be two rounds of the Berlin Walls.  These are the 12′ walls that are a monumental pain in the ass to get over.  There were 4 of them in a row for 2011.  Ball Shrinker and Walk the Plank (Jaimi’s favorites) are included.


Kick ass.  View the map at and signup.

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  1. Signing up next week!