Warrior Dash, Lake Elsinore, 2010

Warrior Dash really strikes me as the “me too” wanna-be of the mud run circuit.  If Lake Elsinore’s track is to be taken as a representative of the other locations.


Race Profile:
Distance: 5k (3.1 miles)
Elevation Gain: 13 ft.
Elevation Loss: 20 ft. 
Terrain: dirt road, dirt trail, obstacles, lake wading, fire.


I’ll give it to them: this is the first time I saw fire on an obstacle course. The smashed cars were another first.  The usual hay bales, planks and over-sized tubes were present.  Floating log hurdles rounded out the last quarter mile before the nastiest mud pit ever.  I’m pretty sure it was a puddle of wet manure. It felt like it, stunk like it.


This is a flat, fast, hot trail.  By mid-morning it was already turning out to be a warm day.  The party-like atmosphere was accentuated by silly Viking hats, live music and plenty of beer.  The heat and beer don’t mix prior to race time, however, as we passed a lot of frat boys on the “verge of purge” through the race.  I’m sure the heat also made those that dressed up in elaborate, furry costumes reconsider their decisions.


Overall its a fast race with loud music and mediocre obstacles. If you’re looking to booze it up with some buddies, get a little messy and party then this is your event.  I don’t think we’ll be back, though.

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