Solutions for a Strained Soleus


Weeks before Tough Mudder, my legs turned into injury upon injury. Calves, shins, knees, ankles: you name it, there a knot or a tear anywhere you looked. Less than a week before race day, I’ve narrowed it down to strained soleus and mild tears in the gastrocnemius.

Jaimi’s skill as a corrective exercise trainer kicked in to keep me in the game. here are a few things that have helped:

1. Slant Board Stretching. Bar none, stretching has been the most important. The slant board has been one of the most useful devices to facilitate stretching. With multiple levels, i can start the day off at a low intensity and work my way up. I leave the board near my desk so that every chance to stand up includes one quick minute of stretching.


2. The Stick. This handy little device has been great for massaging my calves, IT band and Jaimi’s shoulders






3. Single legs squats and lunges. These quick exercises activate the glutes and quads and relieve tension from my calves and soleus. Using a single stair and performing 20 reps for each leg, anytime i stop for my hourly stretches, has really helped to strengthen my legs and align my ankles, knees and hips.



4. Ibuprofen. For pain and swelling. It works.






5. Flex Power Pain Relief Cream
. Pure magic. This warming cream includes an analgesic for pain relief. Rubbed into my lower legs or Jaimi’s shoulder, this has really helped to get more out of our theraputic massage.




6. Ice Pack Wraps. 20 minute intervals after massage.








7. Swim. When the legs are so sore that running just isnt an option, swimming laps in a local pool is a great alternative. Its a mental exercise, too, counting laps, strokes per lap, and breaths to endure a moderate intensity workout for as long as I can stand it.

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